The Few

Vultures Knob has existed as one of the few privately owned, legal mountain bike trails in the country that allows full access for mountain biking, trail running, outdoor use or camping. This has been possible due to the sacrifice, both fiscally and of sweat equity, of a very small group of enthusiasts who's desire is to share the outdoor experience with others. 

What and Why

The trails did not always exist, this venue was once a small county farmers landfill, capped in 1970. We're constantly on the move working to turn this once useless property into a sustainable venture with mountain bike and running trails, a 6 acre mulch and organic food waste facility, and evergreen tree farm. We aim to continue our efforts to develop this 125 acre bike park with additional free-ride trails, downhill runs, and a jump park. We can't image anything else ever existing on this land.  

Our Community

Whether you race, help out with trail maintenance, introduce a new friend to the sport, drop a few bucks in the can when you ride, or just come out and cheer on your spouse, you are fortifying the continued existence of what you love...is that too much to ask? 

Our Partners