Use of Class 1 eMTB

Class 1 electric bicycles are permitted for use at Vultures Knob MTB Park effective immediately. Class 2 and Class 3 electric bicycles are not approved for use at Vultures Knob MTB Park. Class 1 eMTB use is also permitted at Austin Badger, Medina and Brookside MTB Trails, Ashland.

IMBA’s eMTB position (updated 2019) - As technologies evolve, we understand the need to examine access for Class 1 eMTBs and the unique characteristics they possess compared to traditional mountain bikes. We support trail access for Class 1 eMTBs and support shared use on trails as long as access is not lost or impeded for traditional mountain bikes. 

A “Class 1 electric bicycle,” or “low-speed pedal-assisted electric bicycle,” is a bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of 20 miles per hour.

Trail etiquette  - MTB riders and eMTB riders

1. Helmets are required for every rider without exception. You will be asked to wear a helmet or leave immediately.  

2. All riders are required to sign a liability waiver once per year. Waivers are available on-site as well as at every Vultures Knob event. 

3.  Always warn others when approaching – talk to each other and be polite!

4. When passing, tell the rider you are overtaking which side you will pass on, trying not to slow them down or get in their way. Applies both uphill and downhill.

5. Always be prepared to wait for slower riders – don’t squeeze past unnecessarily.

6. If you can’t pass, stop and wait. Don’t ride on a slower riders back wheel.

7. If you stop in the trail, pull off to the side to allow others to pass.

8. If you are the slower rider in front and are feeling charitable, pull to the side to let faster riders past when they ask. 

9. Say thanks – politeness works both ways!

And it goes without saying:

Don’t ride closed trails. 

Don’t litter.

Stop and help other riders in trouble.

Don’t cut corners.

Carry all the spares and tools you’ll ever need.

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